Get Teeth Whitening to Smile with White Teeth

You can whiten your teeth with laser in 1-2 hour quick sessions at Dental Implant Trakya clinics, or you can do it at home with your specially prepared whitening kit.

If your teeth are sensitive, you can have white teeth without sensitivity with Bio Whitening technology.

In our daily life, our habits such as coffee, tea and cigarettes change the color of our teeth. That's why many people are happy with your smile

is not. The results obtained by whitening the teeth allow the person to make peace with his smile.

How many types of teeth whitening methods are there?

1. Home teeth whitening

2. Office Type (in clinical setting) teeth whitening

3. Single tooth whitening (whitening the inside of the tooth)

4. Combined teeth whitening (Both home and office whitening)

5. Biological (in clinical setting) teeth whitening