Porcelain Laminated

What are the advantages of Porcelain Laminate Veneer Crown?

  • As the porcelain is prepared as a very thin layer, its light conductivity and reflection is very close to the natural tooth and due to this feature, it provides perfect aesthetic.
  • It is only adequate to open a hole in the width of nail on your teeth,
  • There is no need of excess excision of any teeth (reduction) more than required,
  • As the porcelain surfaces are extremely smooth, they minimize the staining and tartar formation arising from the cigarette and similar reasons.
  • Its resistance against the abrasion is high.

To whom is Laminate Veneer applied?

  • To ones who are not happy with their teeth form
  • When the results are not achieved in the bleaching processes applied for the treatment of the discoloration in the tooth discoloration in the front region,
  • To ones which have spaced teeth,
  • In situations deprived of the aesthetic appearance as having big fillings on the front teeth and as a result of the decay filled with filling,
  • It is applied on the persons whose front teeth are broken or abraded.
  • In the genetic structure disorders
  • In the correction of the crowded and askew teeth (as an alternative to the orthodontic treatment)

How long does the porcelain laminate veneer crown treatment take?

On average, the treatment is completed as a result of 3-4 sessions.

porselen lamine 03

Care of porcelain laminate veneer crowns

  • The dental floss and mouth gargling should be used as well as tooth brushing
  • The breaking off operation should not be realized with the front teeth for hard foods.
  • In the existence of tooth clenching or grinding habit, the night plaque should be used
  • The habits of nail-biting should be given up
  • The six-month controls should be not be neglected