What is Zirconium (Zirconia) Teeth

The element Zirconium, a white hard metal, is used in dentistry as "zirconia (zirconium dioxide)". It is a biocompatible material with very high fracture resistance. It is also a suitable choice for patients who are allergic to metal elements such as nickel-titanium.

In Which Dental Treatments Is Zirconium (Zirconia) Treatment Used?

Işık geçirgenliği kazımayla işlenebilir ve cilalanabilir yapısı sayesinde ön/arka tüm restorasyonların yapımında kullanılabilir. Doku dostu olduğu içinde diş hekimliğinde tercih edilen restorasyon malzemelerinden birisidir. 

How Are Zirconium (Zirconia) Veneers Applied?
Depending on the type of restoration to be made and the amount of healthy teeth, abrasions are made from the teeth. The patient's teeth are measured. A digital model of the tooth to be produced is created on the computer in the laboratory and veneers are produced in 3-axis zirconia scraping devices. It is baked by making the final make-ups according to the photographs of the patient, and the process is completed with the final polish to provide a natural appearance.