Oral and Jaw Surgery Operations

Oral and Jaw Surgery Operations

Abscess and Cyst Operations (Apical Resection)

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Situations in which Apical Resection operation is realized:

  • Incomplete realization of the root canal treatment due to the structure or shape disorder of tooth root,
  • Not being able to realize root canal treatment due to the existence of a non-detachable restoration on the teeth,
  • In the cases forming cyst at the tooth root,
  • In situations where the patient’s pain continues in spite of the realized root canal treatment,
  • In situations where 1/3 of end part of the tooth root in the bone is broken.

Wisdom teeth and its pulling out

The teeth which erupt at last in our mouth are wisdom teeth. As they generally erupt in the ages of twenties, they are called with this name or as wisdom tooth. In some persons, no wisdom tooth germ has developed by birth. Therefore, in these persons, wisdom teeth never erupt. However, sometimes, even though these teeth are formed, they cause eruption problems.

What are the situations requiring the pulling out of wisdom tooth?

  • agiz cene cerrahisi 02Decay: The saliva, bacteria and food wastes accumulate on the hole that the newly erupting tooth opens and they threaten both wisdom tooth and molar tooth. The heavy situations causing pain and infection and resulting with abscess can happen.

  • Gingival disease (pericoronitis): On the gingival of the partially erupted wisdom tooth, an infection focus where the bacteria and food wastes are stored occurs. This situation causes oral malodor, pain, edema and trismus (situation of incomplete opening of the mouth). The infection can expand to cheek and neck via lymph.

  • Pressure pain: During eruption, pressure can happen on the neighbor teeth due to space shortage and a pain can be felt due to compression. In some situations, this pressure causes edema and swelling.

  • Reasons related to prosthesis: In a mouth for which prosthesis planning is made, it is required to take the wisdom teeth into account. Because, after the wisdom tooth is pulled out, it is required to make a new prosthesis according to the changing oral structure.

  • Cyst formation: The cystic lesion cases that impacted tooth causes have been observed. The cystic lesions cause bone destruction, self-induced fractures on the jawbone and replacement or damaging of the surrounding teeth. To prevent the bone destruction, the tooth should be pulled out and cyst should be cleaned. If this cyst rarely expands to very wide areas, it can be transformed into tumors and cause self-induced fractures on the jawbone.

  • Orthodontic reasons: If the erupting wisdom teeth will deform the arch form in case there is not any place on the completed dental arch, they are required to be pulled out.

    It is an operation which is applied in the situations where the root canal treatment cannot be realized for removing the infections developing at the root edges of teeth and for cleaning of the inflamed root edge and the surrounding tissues to which the inflammation expands.

agiz cene cerrahisi 03Implant treatment

The implants are artificial tooth roots which are placed on the jawbone with the aim of re-providing the function and aesthetic of the missing teeth. The implant totally changes the tooth and jaw structure. The implant applications should especially be realized by the expert jaw surgeons.

Tooth pull-out

  • In spite of all of these efforts:
  • In the tooth decays which are so big that they cannot be treated or restored,
  • Advanced periodontal (gingival) disorders,
  • In the infection and abscesses which cannot be treated at the tooth roots ,
  • With the aim of orthodontic treatment,
  • The pulling out of the malposed teeth (not taking place on the tooth row by being located at the extreme front or back),
  • Tooth and tooth roots which are so broken that they cannot be repaired,
  • Impacted teeth pull-outs are realized.

After pull-out;

  • The buffer placed on the pulling out wound should be kept for half an hour.
  • After this buffer is removed, another buffer should not be placed if not needed; it should be paid attention to the non-deformation of the clot formed.
  • The mouth should not be gargled with water.
  • In no way, the pull-out place should be touched; the wound region should not be sucked and spitted. 
  • Nothing should be eaten for two hours after the pull-out; after this duration expires, definitely warm things should be preferred and very hot or cold foods should be kept away.
  • No cigarette should be smoked for 24 hours. The cigarette can cause the deformation of the clot or inflammation of the wound site. This situation which is called dry socket causes pain for long durations.
  • No alcohol should be taken for 24 hours.
  • The wounded region should not be used for 24 hours.
  • If there is pain, a medicine other than aspirin should be preferred, and if possible, a doctor should be consulted for this.
  • The pull-out place should definitely be kept clean.
  • The filling of food waste in the wound should be prevented. After 24 hours after the pull-out, the region should be brushed with a soft toothbrush. Meanwhile, the warm salty water gargle can also be utilized.
  • It is regarded as normal that the bleeding can take 6-24 hours as a slight leakage.
  • However, if there is an excessive bleeding or this duration is exceeded, it is definitely required to consult a dentist.
  • Similarly, the doctor should also be informed in cases of long lasting pain and swelling.
  • In the bleedings continuing as leakage, a wetted tea package can be put on the wound site as being wrapped with the gauze bandage. Making buffer for a while in this way can be beneficial due to the astringent features of some substances in the tea.