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How can mother and father understand the baby erupting teeth?

That the baby becomes bad-tempered and his/her saliva flows from his/her mouth and s/he brings everything s/he finds to his/her mouth shows that she starts erupting teeth. There can be redness, blistering and hardening on the gingival.

When do the first teeth of the baby start to erupt?

The first milk tooth erupts in 6 months and the first permanent tooth lasts till the age of 6. The milk teeth fall out at the different times till the age of 11 and leave their places to the permanent teeth. 

My baby’s tooth decayed as soon as it erupted. What can be its reason?

The reason of formation of decay in an early period is decays which are called also baby bottle decay, the breast milk or cow milk naturally contains sugar. If the baby sucks breast milk or baby bottle at night before going to bed or during sleep, the milk accumulates in the mouth and it forms an environment which is convenient for the microbes to decay the teeth. For this reason, especially, the cleaning of the teeth should be cared after the night nutrition.

What should be done to prevent from baby bottle decay?

Prevent the habit of sleeping with baby bottle at nights of your baby. Try to make him/her sleep after nutrition. Do not add sweeteners such as sugar, honey, and molasses to the milk in the baby bottle.

What is the importance of the baby bottle decay?

If the teeth on which baby bottle decay is observed are not treated, they cause pain and inflame. The inflammation affects also the permanent teeth that will come from below and cause their shapes to be deformed. If these teeth must be pulled out, speaking problems can happen in the child.

By which other ways can mother and father prevent the decay of the child’s milk teeth?

Giving up giving the settlement baby bottle to baby especially at nights.

At dinner times, milk and a little fruit juice is allowed. However, if baby bottle will be given in between meals and at nights, it is the best to put water which has been previously boiled and in which sugar is not added in it.

Also care your own gingival and health of your own gingival. When the mother father kiss the baby or taste the meal of the baby, the tooth decaying bacteria in their own mouths can also pass to the babies.

Does using teat deform the children’s teeth?

It is normal that the child can suck teat or his/her thumb before the age of three. After the age of three, it should be attempted to prevent the baby from this habit. Because teat or thumb pushes the front teeth outwards.

Although my baby did not suck baby bottle, his/her teeth decayed. What can be the reasons?

Giving teats as sinking to sweeteners such as honey, molasses, jam with the aim of calming down the crying babies in addition to baby bottle

Foods containing carbohydrate-sugar (chocolate, wafer etc…) given to the hand of baby with the aim of occupying after the eruption of the teeth can cause decay formation.

It is required to lead to the foods such as apple, carrot whose nutrition value is high and assistant to tooth cleaning instead of this type of foods.

Why is important that the milk teeth should be durable?

The babies whose teeth are durable can eat foods containing the nutritious substances required for their health. The decayed teeth cause pain and it becomes difficult to chew the hard nutriments such as fruit and vegetables which are important for the health of baby and therefore the child does not want to eat meals.

How are the teeth of baby cleaned?

With the starting of eruption of the first teeth, wipe out and clean the teeth with clean and wet muslin after the night and morning nutrition. The toothpaste is not needed.

After one year, the teeth are brushed twice a day if possible without using toothpaste and with a soft toothbrush specific to babies.

When the child arrives approximately at his/her age of two, if s/he learns to spit, a toothpaste containing little amount of fluoride in it can be used a little while cleaning the teeth. It is enough to smear the little toothpaste to the toothbrush.

The amount of the toothpaste is slowly increased till the baby becomes six and brought to the size of pea. Request toothpaste containing little fluoride from the pharmacist or purchase toothpaste on which there is a writing of “low fluoride”.

When should the baby be brought to the dentist?

When the baby is about two years old, s/he should be brought to the dentist. By this way, if there are any problems, they can be treated soon and the child gets used to his/her doctor.