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What is Periodontology?

It is the starting level of the gingival diseases.

The general symptoms of the disease are red and puffy and bleeding gingival.

You can get healthy gingival again with the timely intervention of your dentist and that you pay attention to your oral hygiene.

If it is not treated, it will transform into periodontitis.

Periodontitis: The disease can advance rapidly in a destructive way and can cause tooth missing. Together with the gingival treatment, the medicine treatment can also be required.

Can the permanent tooth also sway and fall out?

Yes. The periodontal disease advances and unless it is treated and cleaned, the bone support of the tooth also disappears and it sways and eventually the tooth can be missed.

What are the symptoms of healthy gingival?

  • They are firmly connected to teeth,
  • Have colors of dusty rose -Pink,
  • Have structure like orange peel,
  • They do not have pains, swelling and redness,
  • They are in structures which do not exhibit bleeding on their own or during brushing.

What are the symptoms of gingival disease?

  • They can exhibit bleeding while brushing or suddenly,
  • Sensitivity, pain
  • Redness, edema
  • Sense of itching, malodor, gingival recession
  • Swaying of teeth,
  • Appearance of root surface

Why do gingival get sick?

Cigarette, stress, tooth clenching, malnutrition, genetics, some medicines, pregnancy, diabetes

What are the reasons for gingival recession?

  • You have tartar
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Overflowing fillings
  • Incompliant crown and bridges
  • Bruxism
  • Faulty tooth brushing
  • Genetics,
  • Periodontal diseases

What is tartar?

Tartar (calculus) are hard structures formed as a result of long term stay of the accumulations we call bacteria plaque on the tooth surfaces.

For the tartar not to be formed, the oral hygiene should be cared.

Does the gingival cleaning give damages to my teeth?

No. As long as this operation is realized appropriately, it will not give damages.

However you should not forget that the tartar and plaque on your teeth already give extreme damages to your teeth and gingival.

After the gingival cleaning…

The bleeding in the gingival as leakage for a couple of days and hot-cold sensitivity lasting for a couple of days can be encountered, they are normal.

The normal or pathological spaces which are already available between the teeth as a result of the cleaning of the accessories in the tooth bottoms become sensible.

In the periods in which gingival are dense and/or gingival disease advances, when cleaning is made, it is normal that the teeth sway as they lose their support tissues.

After the cleaning of the gingival, the rough areas can be felt with the tongue at the tooth surface.

Issues to be considered:

If the patient’s oral hygiene level is bad (having insufficient oral and dental care habit), the precautions eliminating the deficiencies should be taken. It should be expressed to the patient that the success of the treatment is dependent on the oral care habits. It is required to go to the dentist for routine control every 6 month.

Prevention of the formation of the tartar:

For the tartar formation to be prevented or at least to be minimized, it is essential that the teeth must be regularly cared with toothbrush- toothpaste containing fluoride and dental floss.